Kroon casino has been a rather popular casino in town lately. With roots in online casino since way back in 2008, it was acquired The Betsson Group in 2014. Since then, the casino has grown more and more popular, eventually expanding into a terrestrial branch in recent years. I got a job working as a waiter at the Luckia casino bar. It was after a good friend of mine, Adriana, suggested that I send in an application. It turned out that Adriana worked in human resources and was close friends with the hiring manager. My application was accompanied glowing reviews and personality testimonials. Long story short, I was hired. 

Work started to peak at the Kroon casino & the Dunder casino bonus offer bar during the afternoon. The casino was located in a rather cold area, and most of the customers preferred to sleep in during the mornings. By the afternoon, the sun had toned down the cold edge and made it much more pleasant to be outdoors. Around late afternoon, Adriana came by, in part, to look in on me. Her work at the Kroon casino HR department had just been wrapped up, and she invited some of her co-workers to have a drink at the bar.

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Adriana introduced me as a good friend from college. Kevin butted in and asked if we were an item, clearly hoping that we weren’t. It was seemed to me that he felt a little something for Adriana. Adriana denied that any romantic relations existed between us. We were just good friends. Kevin seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at that.

Lexi asked if I happened to be seeing anyone at the moment, and I said no. I told them that before I got the job at the Kroon casino bar, I got into an ugly row with my girlfriend, and had broken up the time I started working. That was about two weeks ago. I guess that would explain why Adriana and I remained as nothing more than good friends. When I was attached, she usually wasn’t, and when she was attached, I usually wasn’t. This is probably one of the few instances that proved otherwise. Still, we never really found any reason to seriously pursue a romance with each other. I think I can speak for Adriana when I say that we value our current relationship too much to try to mess it up mixing in a romantic element to our friendship.

On the other hand, I was interested in Lexi. I smiled, gave her a wink, and made my excuses. It was time to get back to work.

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